V9AP, V13AP and V16AT – Accelerometer

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  • Overview

    The V9A and V13AP transmit 3D acceleration of your fish as they move within your VEMCO receiver array with the V9AP also transmitting depth data.

    The animal’s acceleration signal is measured in terms of m/s-2 (SI units) and it is a vector quantity that is a result of measuring acceleration on 3 axes (X,Y,Z). This acceleration value can be used as a measure of activity of a free ranging animal in nature. The V9AP and V13AP are also available as an accelerometer option only (V9A and V13A).

    The V9AP, V13AP and V16AT can be used in an almost endless variety of applications that require any measure of animal activity. Applications may include measuring swimming speed via tail beat acceleration, detecting mortality through predation, seismic blasting, toxic spills, feeding events, spawning activity, nocturnal/diurnal activity, wave action and activity responses to changing oxygen, salinity and temperature in the environment.

    For more details, see Downloads section.

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  • Specifications


     Tag Family Diameter Minimum Size:
    Length (mm),
    Weight in
    Air (g)
    Maximum Size:
    Length (mm),
    Weight in
    Air (g)
    Power Output (dB) Sensors:
    P-Pressure (depth)
    Battery Life Example
    (Sensors: A&P)
    (Acoustic Power: Low)
    (Algorithm: Activity – 5Hz)
    (Sampling Time: 30 secs)
    (Delay: 90 secs)
    V9AP 9 mm 33 mm,
    5 g
    35 mm,
    5.3 g
    146-151 AP,A 300 days (at 12.5Hz)
    V13AP 13 mm 42 mm,
    12.2 g
    44 mm,
    12.3 g
    147-153 AP,A 316 days
    V16AT 16 mm 95mm, 34 g 95 mm, 34 g 152-158 AT, A 3650 days

    For the V16AT:

    – not currently available with depth (AP)

    – sampling rate is 12.5Hz and uses same options as V13A/V9A

    – only the 6x battery is supported

    – easily live for 5-10 years

    – PVC case option is allowed for external attachment

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