Mission statement

Oceans Research provides and facilitates innovative and dynamic research relevant to the management and conservation of Southern Africa’s wildlife.

Its research is interdisciplinary ranging from biological to socio-economic studies of marine and terrestrial resource utilisation in Southern Africa’s coastal society. Oceans Research specialises in investigating the biology and ecology of mega-fauna, including sharks, marine mammals and terrestrial carnivores; we advise governmental and non-governmental bodies on relevant conservation issues.

Oceans Research offers multi-disciplinary practical and theoretical training for aspiring researchers from internship to postgraduate levels in conjunction with partner schools, technical colleges and universities. In addition to the in-house research projects, the institute provides facilities for visiting marine scientists conducting a variety of projects throughout the major marine biomes of Southern Africa.

Oceans Research strives to divulgate its research finding not only to the scientific community but also, and even more importantly, to the general public, through its website, media releases, scientific and popular articles, and documentaries.

Research, Discovery, Educate, Conserve.

The History of Oceans Research

A look at the events that have shaped Oceans Research
and the people who drive us forward.

  • Humble beginnings

    Humble beginnings

    We recognised the need for an organisation providing logistical... Read more...

  • White Shark Research and Internship Start

    White Shark Research and Internship Start

    After securing collaborations with South Africa’s renown universities...

  • Expansion into Marine Mammals Research Projects

    Expansion into Marine Mammals Research Projects

    More research projects were established including Cape fur...

  • Expansion into Oceanography

    Expansion into Oceanography

    Collaborative research provides more platforms including...

  • Strengthen International Collaboration

    Strengthen International Collaboration

    Oceans Research become official partner and site manager of the... Read more...

  • South Africa’s White Shark Research Group

    South Africa’s White Shark Research Group

    Oceans Research promote the formalization of the South Africa’s... Read more...

  • Expansion into Terrestrial Research

    Expansion into Terrestrial Research

    Oceans Research begin its new research endeavour focusing on... Read more...

  • Shark-human interaction mitigation projects

    Shark-human interaction mitigation projects

    Repel sharks to conserve them:...

  • VEMCO sole distributor in Africa

    VEMCO sole distributor in Africa

    Oceans Research offers tracking and monitoring equipment......

  • Expansion of the research internship

    Expansion of the research internship

    The internship has been expanded to include a wide variety of projects...... Read more...

  • Oceans Research partners with TechnoSmArt

    Oceans Research partners with TechnoSmArt

    Oceans Research now can also offer tracking and datalogging equipment...... Read more...

  • Oceans Research partners with Miyaru

    Oceans Research partners with Miyaru

    The Miyaru program is a non-profit organisation working at the intersection of humans and sharks.... Read more...

  • Future in the making

    Future in the making

Meet the team

Marine Research Unit

Terrestrial Research Unit

Partners and associates

Collaborating with other recognised and respected organisations plays an integral role in ensuring Oceans Research continues to innovate.

  • University of Pretoria
  • Rhodes University
  • University of Cape Town
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Western Australia
  • Flinders University
  • Nelson Mandela University
  • Dalhousie University
  • Aberdeen University
  • Minorities In Shark Sciences
  • Project AWARE
  • OTN
  • Ocearch
  • Support Our Sharks (SOS)
  • The Miyaru program


Oceans Research is based in Mossel Bay, within the Garden Route of South Africa.

Mossel Bay is situated along the southern coast of South Africa in a warm temperate marine biome which attracts numerous temperate water fish species.

The Mossel Bay Marine Lab also collaborates with a shark aquarium and research facility called “The Shark Lab” where we conduct studies on small captive shark species.

Research Logistics

  • Two research vessels (30ft and 26ft “Buttcats”).
  • Acoustic tracking equipment.
  • Acoustic monitoring equipment.
  • Accelerometers and tags.
  • SCUBA equipment.
  • Shark diving cage.
  • Motorized underwater shark cage

Aquarium Lab

  • Benthic and pelagic tanks

Land Facilities

  • Store rooms and cold storage space.
  • Conference facilities for small or large groups.

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