University Professor Research support

Professors with specific interests, looking for logistical support and access to South Africa's coastal zone and its biodiversity

Oceans Research has worked with numerous professors and universities, giving professors a platform and facility in order to further their own research projects. Given Oceans Research long standing research projects, access to numerous species in a protected bay this is an ideal location for field research. This offers extends to the possibility to run a field course for a class at our facilities

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Shark Deterrent Testing

Oceans Research has developed a platform to allow researchers/companies to test, properly, in a short period of time, at a minimum cost, the effectiveness of repellent device with the most iconic shark of all, the great white shark

Our platform has been used in the past by other research and commercial organisations such as the University of Western Australia, or Human Wildlife Solutions, to test different types of deterrent device, from electric to magnetic, from audio to visual.

The reasons behind the appeal of the platform we can provide are multiple:

  • Mossel Bay is a very sheltered bay allowing us to go to sea almost every day of a week.
  • A trip at sea includes a maximum 30 min ride from the commercial harbour of Mossel Bay, therefore providing more time to test a device and less travelling time.
  • We have access to white sharks all year around, therefore we are able to suite different time frames one might have.
  • We average between 10 and 40 individual white sharks per trip. Each trip can provide over 100 interactions for a single device, decreasing in this way the testing days a company have to invest in.
  • Our main boat is a 26 foot cat with four stroke engines allowing to keep the cost of hiring our boat to a minimum while providing enough space for any tested device and protocol;
  • Based on our long-term experience we can customise a testing protocol to suite specific questions or needs one might have.
  • We provide an open service to our clients (we are not secretive), allowing space on the boat to get also footage of the experiments and providing food and accommodation as part of the platform. We indeed value receiving insights from the manufacturing companies in terms of expertise and experience, in order to be able to provide the best and most cost effective testing design applicable to each device.
  • We can provide different types of services: from simple testing of the device, to video recording of the experiments to produce a peer-reviewed research paper which provides the most unbiased form of report which customers can always refer to.

Only a few device have so far being tested properly. However, we believe that by providing potential customers with proper test results , a company will obtain a very powerful marketing tool opposite to other repellent manufacturing companies.

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Oceans Research strives to deliver research and consultancy outputs to a very high standard, in order to build upon and develop our reputation for high quality work. We leverage our experience and our track record in the research world.

We offer:

  • planning, managing and delivering research based projects through:
    • data collection
    • data analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
    • GIS mapping
    • modelling
    • desk research
    • literature review
    • survey and experimental design
    • and data presentation
  • training and development of colleagues, in the form of practical training and/or knowledge sharing

We endeavour particularly to fulfil a company’s objectives in relation to quality standards and we commit ourselves to provide our clients with regular updates on project progresses and delivery. Furthermore Oceans Research can facilitate the rental of high quality and reliable range of scientific equipment to hire or purchase. This includes highly specialized equipment such as acoustic tracking devices, shark bite-meters, underwater cages and more.

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Media Hosting, Stock footage & Photography

The Oceans Research team have all been involved in marine research in Southern Africa for many years, offering high quality on and off-screen consultation on marine and terrestrial top predators, filming locations and research discoveries.

On-screen Scientific Talent Oceans Research scientific team is fully qualified and experienced to assist as scientific experts on all productions involving Southern Africa’s marine and terrestrial top predators and mega-fauna. Due to our long history of working with the Southern African scientific community, we are also able to match producers with the most qualified and appropriate scientific experts available. Location Scouting and Recce Runs Oceans Research offers excellent advice on specific locations for shooting as the directors have many years of research experience around Southern Africa. Oceans Research also offers the service of carrying out recce runs for crews or producers in order to investigate the feasibility of particular shoots. Production Crew Due to our long involvement with productions in Southern Africa, we have worked extensively with numerous local cameramen (above and below water), photographers, journalists and sound engineers. We can assist producers to form the highest quality production crew available for their specific project. Stock Footage & Photography Oceans Research has been collaborating with the cream of Africa’s freelance videographers and photographers. Over the past 10 years, we have collected a wide variety of high level footage and photos on numerous expeditions and adventures throughout Southern Africa. We can provide those footage and photos to producers and journalists for their specific projects. Equipment Hire Oceans Research can facilitate the rental of high quality and reliable production equipment at competitive local rates. As a scientific institute, we can also supply an extensive range of scientific equipment to hire or purchase. This includes highly specialized equipment such as acoustic tracking devices, shark underwater cages and more.

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