Oceans Education & Sharklife – talk at the Dias Museum

Oceans Education & Sharklife – talk at the Dias Museum

Posted by Colleen Smart on December 11, 2008

Local school children were captivated by The Oceans team the past couple of weeks when we invited them to educational talk hosted by Oceans Education in conjunction with Sharklife, at the Diaz Museum in Mossel Bay.

The purpose of these talks is to educate school learners about the ocean, the ocean’s predators and more specifically the ones found here in Mossel Bay, such as the Great White Shark. The objective is to get these children to understand these predators and help in our mission to conserve them.

It was an eye opener for many of these children who have lived in Mossel Bay for years and never understood these predators. It was an informative talk and all the kids were very excited about what they saw and heard.

Fiona Ayerst (underwater photographer), together with Stephan Swanson and Ryan Johnson had the kids in awe when they told them about their experiences with the great white sharks and how fascinating these creatures are.

After a very interesting and informative talk, The Oceans Education team rewarded the kids with an informational pack to take home and share with their friends, and they also received something nice to eat and a cool drink.

We would like to thank everyone who joined in and helped to make this possible. We need to educate kids in order to help preserve these natural wonders, and to insure the future generations with the privilege of enjoying such amazing animals like we can do now.

A very special thank you to all our speakers, and also our sponsors (Fred Orban and the Dias Museum). We’re looking forward to work with you again in 2009.

Stay sharky

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