Shark Chronicles 009 – The interns and their first impressions

Shark Chronicles 009 – The interns and their first impressions

Posted by Enrico Gennari on May 4, 2008

These are the first impressions of two interns who arrived just few days ago:

"Hey everybody, Jonathon and Jennifer here doing a joint SAMPLA update! Holla! We've been down here in Mossel Bay for a few days now getting acquainted with the sharks and seals and SAMPLA's family! It's all pretty super styley stokey sweety...that's right. yea yea yea yea yeaaa! The weather is great, not too hot not too cold, but juuuussst right! We went out on the water yesterday and got our first taste of sea sickness, chumming, and WHITE SHARKS!!!!! The sea was pretty choppy and we don't exactly have our sea legs yet, but the waves and the wait were worth while when our first shark showed up trying to take a hit of the bait rope. It was a 2.5m-3m bloke and it was pretty aggressive. After a bit, shark number 2 showed up and stuck around for a few hours, just playing with the bait rope. In the midst of all this shark action, a huuuuge 4.5m shark showed up on the scene and passed through---we have never seen anything that big. It was bomber than Jefffrey Dahmer. The last shark was a bit smaller, and also stuck around for a while. For us it was a great day of shark sightings, since it was our first, but apparently it was actually a little low and there are typically more sharks. We also were shown how to take the data on the sharks, take the pictures and even got to see Stephen take a few genetic samples. All good signs for what's to come. We do have to say though, that SAMPLA's team are incredible hosts--they really make you feel like part of the family.
Everyone has been great and when interns arrive, get ready for braai. Braai is the greatest tradition of all time, cooking meat over an open fire pit---delicious. Oh and the fish and chips--- the best you will ever have, Stephen's recipe rules.
Remember, this ain't no pleasure cruisin or day sailin'. I'm talking about working for livin', I'm talking about sharkin..."

Not so bad as first impressions?!


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