Shark Chronicles 047 – Alek’s adventure begins

Shark Chronicles 047 – Alek’s adventure begins

Posted by Enrico Gennari, Claire Bisseling , Becky Lindsay & Shaun Rohrer on May 25, 2009

Five interns went chumming in the morning with Oceans director Enrico with the intention of tagging a white shark to track it at least for the next 48 hours.

We anchored at Seal Island where we had 3 white sharks. Enrico tagged the third one, a 2.2 m white shark which we named Alek after Oceans Reasearch friend Alek …. Alek has a bit of white pointy nose and few scars along the body, showing us that Alek is a tough shark. Very inquisitive, in fact it passed close to our boat many times, but at the same time very cautious, making slow passes while observing us, almost knowing about our tagging goal.

Four of us have been tracking it since 11 am and now at 3 pm we are still in the vicinity of Seal Island. The shark indeed spent the first few hours hanging around the cage diving vessel. Even though the shark was always very close to their boat, unfortunately for the tourists onboard the shark never showed up.

Our shift will end at 6 pm when Ryan and his team comes out to change over.

To be continued..

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