V7TP – 180 kHz

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  • Overview

    Now with temperature and depth sensors to investigate the “third dimension” (3D VPS)

    The introduction of V7TP-180 kHz transmitters has expanded VEMCO’s 180 kHz capability to include longer life tags that can be used on larger animals. 180 kHz tags have been used widely on a variety of fish species from salmon smolts to arctic cod to various reef species.

    Why 180 kHz Frequency?
    The V7TP, operating at 180 kHz, is designed to work well in both fresh and salt water. Choosing this frequency enabled VEMCO to develop a small, lightweight tag that operates well in marine environments. Tags with operating frequencies greater than 200 kHz are less effective in salt water. Depending on the conditions of your location, the V7TP-180 kHz tag can reach 300 metres range.

    The V7TP-180 kHz Transmitter Allows You to:

    • investigate depth and temperature behaviour of small fish
    • measure 2D and 3D position with very high precision
    • monitor movements of non-native fish species to understand their impact on the ecosystem and its inhabitants

    Detect More Tags
    Researchers can now tag and release many more fish simultaneously due to the detection capabilities of our new tag transmission systems – High Residence (HR) and Pulse Position Modulation (PPM).

    180 kHz Positioning Studies
    If your research requires detailed movement data, the V7TP-180 kHz has flexible programming options that allow you to conduct long term positioning studies using our traditional VR2W-based VPS (VEMCO Positioning System).

    VEMCO Tag Activator (VTA)
    The V7TP does not have an activation magnet as is the case with larger transmitters. The tags are activated using a handheld unit, the VTA, that is exclusive to the 180 kHz line of transmitters only.

    For more details, see Downloads section.

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  • Specifications
    Tag Family
    Length (mm)
    Diameter (mm)
    Weight in Air (g)
    Weight in Water (g)
    Power Output
    (dB re 1 uPa @ 1m)
    Battery Life
    V7TP-180 kHz Datasheet
    19 – 22 mm
    31.2 – 1.5
    0.6 – 0.8
    137 – 143
    Please see datasheet
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