VEMCO Training Videos

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  • Overview
  • Overview

    Have a look at the Training Video Resources from VEMCO website. In particular:



    VEMCO Acoustic Telemetry: Acoustic Gate Design: click here

    VPS 101: Introduction to VEMCO Positioning System (VPS): click here

    How to Open a VR2W: click here

    How to Power a VR2W: click here

    How to Close a VR2W: click here

    VR2AR Acoustic Release Transceiver Demonstration: click here

    Installing the VR2AR Mooring Lug: click here

    How to Install a VR2C Battery: click here

    Range Testing Introduction: click here

    Range Testing Tutorial: click here

    VEMCO Acoustic Transmitter Surgical Implantation Video: click here

    Correcting Receiver Time Drift: click here

    Creating Detection Filters: click here


    For more training videos click here

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