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  • Overview

    The VEMCO Mobile Transceiver (VMT) is a hybrid between a 69 kHz coded transmitter and a 69 kHz monitoring receiver (similar to the VR2W-69 kHz).

    The VMT can be externally attached to an animal and is capable of detecting all VEMCO coded transmitters at 69 kHz.

    The VMT also behaves as a VEMCO coded transmitter and can be detected by other VEMCO receivers. The VMT can also detect other tagged fish in its presence.

    Typical Applications

    • Externally attached to larger animals, the VMT is used to determine predator/prey interaction and inter-species association (i.e. the interaction between elephant seals and salmon, and grey seals and cod). It can also be used to study schooling behaviour in animals such as sharks and tuna.
    • By attaching the VMT to a long ranging animal or a glider module, a mobile receiving station is created to extend detection ranges beyond the traditional fixed arrays – which are typically restricted to coastal locations.
    • The VMT can operate at depths up to 1000m making it suitable for studies in deep water environments.
    • Stationary objects such as FADs or buoys can be tagged with a VEMCO coded transmitter. The VMT can then collect data on the length of time an animal spends near the FAD or buoy.

    The user has the ability to vary the receiver ontime (duty cycle) to suit the study objectives and extend the life of the tag – and the battery is factory replaceable.

    VMT Optical Reader

    The VMT data is stored in the tag memory and can be retrieved using the VMT Optical Reader. A high speed optical interface designed specifically for the VEMCO Mobile Transceiver, the Optical Reader has a USB interface for easy connection to desktop and laptop PCs. The reader is powered by the host computer and does not require batteries.


    For more details, see Downloads section.

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  • Specifications
    Dimensions 35 mm diameter x 180 mm length
    Weight 280 g in air, 122 g in water
    Battery life 100% receiver duty cycle up to 10 months (battery life can be extended by changing the duty cycle; battery is factory replaceable
    Maximum depth 1000 metres
    Tx output power (similar to V16-6x) 156 dB re 1µPa @ 1 m (L mode); 161 dB re 1µPa @ 1 m (H mode)
    User programmable options Vary receiver ON time (duty cycle); some tag options
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